Christian Husodo-Schulz

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This paper takes a classical machine learning approach to the task of dialogue act segmentation. A thorough empirical evaluation of features, both used in other studies as well as new ones, is performed. An explorative study to the effectiveness of different classification methods is done by looking at 29 different classifiers implemented in WEKA. The(More)
We present two user interfaces: one multimodal dialogue system and one task-based calendar which assist people with mild cognitive disabilities affecting their concentration and memory. A new middleware based upon a new open industrial standard—ISO/IEC 24752 Universal Remote Console (URC)—allows access to any network services or appliances as well as(More)
With RadSpeech, we aim to build the next generation of intelligent, scalable, and user-friendly semantic search interfaces for the medical imaging domain, based on semantic technologies. Ontology-based knowledge representation is used not only for the image contents, but also for the complex natural language understanding and dialogue management process.(More)
One of the challenges that Ambient Intelligence (AmI) faces is the provision of a usable interaction concept to its users, especially for those with a weak technical background. In this paper, we describe a new approach to integrate interactive services provided by an AmI environment with the television set, which is one of the most widely used interaction(More)
We present a VoiceXML-based spoken-language front-end for a multilingual music database. The multilingual setting poses new and unsolved challenges for the speech components and their integration. We discuss requirements on all components involved in such a scenario. After presenting the system architecture and the design of our dialog model, we discuss our(More)
In this paper we present an intelligent user interface which combines a speech-based interface with several other input modalities. The integration of multiple devices into a working environment should provide greater flexibility to the daily routine of medical experts for example. To this end, we will introduce a medical cyber-physical system that(More)