Christian Horenkamp

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The detection of regions in the ocean that are coherent over an extended period of time is a fundamental problem in many oceanic applications. For instance such regions are important for studying the transport of marine species and for the distribution of nutrients. In this study we demonstrate the efficacy of transfer operators in detecting and analysing(More)
Transport phenomena are studied in a large variety of dynamical systems with applications ranging from the analysis of fluid flow in the ocean and the predator-prey interaction in jellyfish to the investigation of blood flow in the cardiovascular system. Our approach to analyze transport is based on the methodology of so-called transfer operators associated(More)
Coherent sets in dynamical systems are regions in phase space that optimally "carry mass" with them under the system's evolution, so that these regions experience minimal leakage. The dominant tool for determining coherent sets is the transfer operator, which provides a complete description of Lagrangian mass transport. In this work, we combine existing(More)
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