Christian Holkmann Olsen

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OBJECTIVE To describe the frequency of treatment switching and outcomes among patients with psoriatic arthritis (PsA) who switched tumor necrosis factor α inhibitor (TNFi) agents in routine care. METHODS We conducted an observational cohort study based on the Danish nationwide DANBIO registry. Treatment outcomes were evaluated using the American College(More)
BACKGROUND It is unknown whether the relationship between the HIV-RNA/CD4 cell count and risk of clinical disease continues to hold true for newer antiretroviral drugs approved without data from clinical endpoint trials. OBJECTIVE : To determine and compare whether rate ratios of AIDS and death at given, latest HIV-RNA and CD4 cell counts levels were(More)
AIM This study investigated the incidence of pancreatitis and its association with antiretroviral therapy (ART), focussing on stavudine and didanosine. METHODS EuroSIDA has collected information on pancreatitis since Summer 2001. All identified cases have been verified by the coordinating centre. Individuals were followed from June 2001 or the date of(More)
BACKGROUND A negative association between the polymorphism F214L and type 1 thymidine analogue (TA) mutations (TAMs) has been observed. However, the virological response to TAs according to the detection of F214L has not been evaluated. METHODS We studied 590 patients from EuroSIDA who started TA therapy for the first time as part of potent combination(More)
A series of autoradiography experiments were conducted in order to test the theory that the serotonin (5-HT) receptor subtype 5-HT1a is involved in alcohol-withdrawal kindled convulsive behaviour. Alcohol-withdrawal kindling was performed by subjecting male Wistar rats to multiple episodes consisting of 2 days of alcohol intoxication and 5 days of alcohol(More)
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