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Directional Theta Coherence in Prefrontal Cortical to Amygdalo-Hippocampal Pathways Signals Fear Extinction
Theta oscillations are considered crucial mechanisms in neuronal communication across brain areas, required for consolidation and retrieval of fear memories. One form of inhibitory learning allowingExpand
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Data-driven combined state and parameter reduction for inverse problems
In this contribution we present an accelerated optimization-based approach for combined state and parameter reduction of a parametrized forward model, which is used to construct a surrogate model inExpand
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Cross-Gramian Based Combined State and Parameter Reduction
This work introduces the empirical cross-gramian for multiple-input-multiple-output systems. The cross-gramian is a tool for reducing the state space of control systems, by conjoiningExpand
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Hierarchical Approximate Proper Orthogonal Decomposition
Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (POD) is a widely used technique for the construction of low-dimensional approximation spaces from high-dimensional input data. For large-scale applications and anExpand
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A note on the cross Gramian for non-symmetric systems
ABSTRACT The cross Gramian matrix is a tool for model reduction and system identification, but it is only applicable to square control systems. For symmetric systems, the cross Gramian possesses aExpand
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Best Practices for Replicability, Reproducibility and Reusability of Computer-Based Experiments Exemplified by Model Reduction Software
Over the recent years the importance of numerical experiments has gradually been more recognized. Nonetheless, su cient documentation of how computational results have been obtained is often notExpand
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A Unified Software Framework for Empirical Gramians
A common approach in model reduction is balanced truncation, which is based on Gramian matrices classifying certain attributes of states or parameters of a given dynamic system. Initially restrictedExpand
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emgr - The Empirical Gramian Framework
System Gramian matrices are a well-known encoding for properties of input-output systems such as controllability, observability or minimality. These so-called system Gramians were developed in linearExpand
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Comparison of methods for parametric model order reduction of instationary problems
Dynamical systems of large order appear in many applications. For an efficient simulation it can become necessary to reduce the system dimension using a reliable model order reduction method, inExpand
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