Christian Hervé

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DESIGN Recommendations for triage to intensive care units (ICUs) have been issued but not evaluated. SETTING In this prospective, multicenter study, all patients granted or refused admission to 26 ICUs affiliated with the French Society for Critical Care were included during a 1-month period. Characteristics of participating ICUs and patients,(More)
OBJECTIVE Recommendations for making and implementing decisions to forgo life-sustaining therapy in intensive care units have been developed in the United States, but the extent that they are realized in practice has yet to be measured. DESIGN Prospective, multicenter, 4-wk study. For each patient with an implemented decision to forgo life-sustaining(More)
OBJECTIVES The authors' aim was to investigate the representations, wishes, and fears of family caregivers (FCs) regarding 14 innovative technologies (IT) for care aiding and burden alleviation, given the severe physical and psychological stress induced by dementia care, and the very slow uptake of these technologies in our society. METHODS A cluster(More)
Several studies have pointed out ethical shortcomings in the decision-making process for withholding or withdrawing life-supporting treatments. We conducted a study to evaluate the perceptions of all caregivers involved in this process in the intensive care unit. A closed-ended questionnaire was completed by 3,156 nursing staff members and 521 physicians(More)
Since the 2005 French law on end of life and patients’ rights, it is unclear whether practices have evolved. We investigated whether an intensive communication strategy based on this law would influence practices in terms of withholding and withdrawing treatment (WWT), and outcome of patients hospitalised in intensive care (ICU). This was a single-centre,(More)
Melanin-concentrating hormone (MCH) and dynorphin genes are expressed in two discrete neuron populations of the rat lateral hypothalamus. Their roles remain hypothetical in mammals. In order to analyse changes in MCH and dynorphin gene expression, a multiplex competitive semi-quantitative reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) was(More)
Burnout syndrome (BOS) has frequently been reported in healthcare workers, and precipitating factors include communication problems in the workplace and stress related to end-of-life situations. We evaluated the effect of an intensive communication strategy on BOS among caregivers working in intensive care (ICU). Longitudinal, monocentric, before-and-after,(More)
BACKGROUND A resurgence of interest in the concept of live-donor renal transplantation has prompted a closer look at methods of live donor evaluation, selection, and follow-up. The aim of this study was to describe these methods in all 46 French renal transplant centres. METHODS Questionnaires were sent to all chief renal physicians. RESULTS The survey(More)
Thiamine deficiency is a common feature in chronic alcoholic patients, and its pathophysiology remains poorly understood. Until now, thiamine deficiency has been considered to be mainly the result of alcoholism irrespective of the underlying liver disease. The aims of the study were to compare the prevalence of thiamine deficiency in alcohol- and hepatitis(More)
BACKGROUND Since the creation of places where DNA is stored, a number of questions appear about protecting the individual, confidentiality and the validity of the proposed consent to storage. This study, originating in France, analyzes and assesses the impact of the information given by the clinician to the patient regarding having his DNA stored. How does(More)