Christian Hermsmeyer

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Technology analysis indicates that silicon technology evolution will not be able to catch up with future global Internet traffic growth rates. As a result, current network and system designs as well as network architectures may need to be revised significantly. This paper provides a detailed analysis of various network element types (e.g., IP routers,(More)
Driven by media-rich and bandwidth-intensive Internet applications, 100 Gigabit Ethernet embodies the next logical and necessary line speed following 10G/40G, although enormous challenges exist. Can today’s device technologies scale, or will new, disruptive approaches be required to overcome throughput and power density limitations? The evolution of field(More)
With the growing interest on wireline network architectures for residential triple-play and business Ethernet services there is a renewed demand for efficient and reliable packet-based transport capabilities between the content providers and the end users. Voice and data traffic carried over a variety of access technologies is collected via(More)
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