Christian Hellriegel

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Tracking of single particles in optical microscopy has been employed in studies ranging from material sciences to biophysics down to the level of single molecules. The technique intrinsically circumvents ensemble averaging and may therefore reveal directly mechanistic details of the involved dynamic processes. Such processes range from translational and(More)
Nanostructured host-guest materials are important for various applications in nanoscience, and therefore, a thorough understanding of the dynamics of the guest molecules within the host matrix is needed. To this aim we used single-molecule fluorescence techniques to simultaneously examine the spectral and the orientational behavior of single molecules in(More)
We describe 3D single particle tracking of gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) moving along collagen fibers in aqueous environment with two-photon excitation conditions. The photoacoustic effect at the collagen fiber caused by the irradiation with ultrashort, near-infrared laser pulses propels the particles adsorbed to the surface of the collagen fibers. We report(More)
Herein, we present vibronic excitation and detection of purely electronic zero-phonon lines (ZPL) of single molecules as a new tool for investigating dynamics at cryogenic temperatures. Applications of this technique to study crystalline and amorphous matrix materials are presented. In the crystalline environment, spectrally stable ZPLs are observed at(More)
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