Christian Heinrichs

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Glucocorticoid inhibits linear growth and renders target tissues, particularly liver and growth plate, insensitive to GH. We hypothesized that glucocorticoid-induced GH insensitivity is due to decreased gene expression of the GH receptor at the messenger RNA (mRNA) level. To test this hypothesis, we treated 4.5-wk-old male rabbits (n = 6-9 per group) with(More)
Inadequate caloric intake inhibits longitudinal bone growth. This study was designed to investigate the mechanisms responsible for this suppression of growth plate function, focusing on the roles of systemic and local insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1). Five week-old male rabbits were fasted for 48 h. Fasting significantly decreased proximal tibial growth(More)
Stylized temporal behaviour is difficult to incorporate into computational models of environmental sound, requiring either a specialised algorithm or a potentially large amount of scripted automation. For decades Foley artists have relied on embodied performance to rapidly generate expressive sound effects for the moving image. This research project(More)
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