Christian Heinrich Flamme

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Malfunction of the infraspinatus muscle and teres minor muscle illustrate the typical clinical picture in patients with brachial plexus palsy. The arm hangs down in an inwardly rotated position and elbow flexion is hindered by striking of the lower arm against the thorax. Between 1995 and 2000, we have done external rotational osteotomy of the humerus for(More)
High tibial osteotomy in the varus knee has been successfully performed for a long time. Several newer operation techniques have been established in recent years. We tested the primary stability of several of these techni-ques in vitro. Ten human cadaveric fresh-frozen specimens were used that had a mean age of 54 years (range 29–¶72 years) and a weight of(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM OF THE STUDY For many years the treatment of spondylitis and spondylodiscitis has been discussed controversially. The aim of this study is to report on objective and subjective mid-term results of therapy of spondylitis and to present a differentiated concept of treatment. METHODS Between 1988 and 1996, 58 patients were treated with(More)
Twin pregnancy is considered to be a risk factor for congenital dysplasia of the hip. From 1987 until 1996, the hips of 4476 (2260 male, 2216 female) newborn babies were examined by ultrasound according to Graf's technique and classification in our hospital. In this study, we compare the results of twins and singletons for this risk factor. Of the newborns,(More)
Abstract Background. High tibial osteotomy has been successfully performed on patients with varus gonarthrosis for many years now. The prospective study presented here serves to verify the long-term outcome of this procedure. Methods. A supratuberous high tibial osteotomy was carried out on 100 patients with varus gonarthrosis. Since then, 5 patients have(More)
Das MRT besitzt für die Diagnose der Spondylitis und Spondylodiszitis eine hohe Sensitivität sowie Spezifität und ist diesbezüglich allen anderen radiologischen Methoden überlegen. Bei hohem Weichteilkontrast und hervorragender anatomischer Auflösung sind frühzeitig Pathologien erkennbar und die Ausdehnung der Erkrankung darstellbar. Die betroffenen(More)
Hintergrund und Studienziel:Über die Therapie der Spondylodiszitis wird seit Jahren kontrovers diskutiert. Ziel der vorliegenden Studie ist es, die objektiven und subjektiven Ergebnisse der konservativen Therapie der Spondylodiszitis vorzustellen und ein detailliertes Behandlungskonzept aufzuzeigen.    Methoden: Zwischen den Jahren 1988 und 1996 wurden 58(More)
Complications after shoulder arthrodesis are frequent. Through results and comparisons with the literature, the presented article analyzes the correlation of complications with the specific operative techniques, indications, and postoperative treatment. Between 1964 and 2001, a total of 43 cases of shoulder arthrodesis (13 screw and 30 plate arthrodeses)(More)
INTRODUCTION High tibial osteotomy in varus knee has been performed for a long time. Several newer operation techniques have been established in recent years. We tested the primary stability of several of these techniques in vitro. MATERIAL AND METHODS 10 human cadaveric fresh-frozen specimens were tested with a mean age of 61 years (range 50-72 years),(More)
The aim of the paper is to prove and to portray the learning curve in total hip arthroplasty. This prospective study included 168 patients who were operated on by three surgeons, all demonstrating different degrees of experience in performing total hip arthroplasty. Perioperative complications and postoperative radiographs were analysed. Patients were(More)