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Earth's long-term sea-level history is characterized by widespread continental flooding in the Cretaceous period (approximately 145 to 65 million years ago), followed by gradual regression of inland seas. However, published estimates of the Late Cretaceous sea-level high differ by half an order of magnitude, from approximately 40 to approximately 250 meters(More)
Agent.Hospital is an open agent-based (software) framework for distributed applications in the healthcare domain. Previous appropriation of the Agent.Hospital development is application and examination of agent technology in realistic business scenarios and the identification of further research needs. This paper introduces the framework developed by the(More)
We present a system for planning; management and decision support of clinical trials and describe the initial system concept, currently implemented or specified functionalities and the integration of FIPA standardization activities. The example scenario " clinical trials " illustrates how the system supports distributed clinical processes and how it(More)
The goal of this paper is to present an ontology for hospital scenarios (called OntHoS). It was developed by a couple of research projects dealing with the application of agent systems in hospital scenarios. The aim of OntHoS is to establish a basis for a description of these scenarios and to facilitate their interoperability. Therefore, we classify types(More)
Ziel der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Krankenhauslogistik ist der Einsatz von intelligenten Softwareagenten in betriebswirtschaftlichen Anwendungsszenarien im Gesundheitswesen. Hierbei liegt der Fokus auf der Lösung bestehender logisti-scher Probleme im Krankenhaus. Dieser Beitrag zeigt die von der Arbeitsgemein-schaft behandelten Problemstellungen auf und gibt(More)
This article presents a case study in the design of suitable communication protocols for software agents. A process to derive a formal language from example stories is proposed and presented for the case of appointment scheduling among agents. Such a formal language that consists of language primitives and protocols is prerequisite for coordination and(More)
There are several continuing challenges within the healthcare domain. On the one hand, there is a greater need for individualized, patient oriented processes in diagnostics, therapy, nursing and administration, and on the other hand, hospitals have extremely distributed decision processes and strong local (individual) autonomy with a high degree of(More)