Christian Heine

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LIN28 is an RNA-binding protein that is expressed in many developing tissues. It can block let-7 (Mirlet7) microRNA processing and help promote pluripotency. We have observed LIN28 expression in the developing mouse neural tube, colocalizing with SOX2, suggesting a role in neural development. To better understand its normal developmental function, we(More)
Earth's long-term sea-level history is characterized by widespread continental flooding in the Cretaceous period (approximately 145 to 65 million years ago), followed by gradual regression of inland seas. However, published estimates of the Late Cretaceous sea-level high differ by half an order of magnitude, from approximately 40 to approximately 250 meters(More)
lin-28 is a conserved regulator of cell fate succession in animals. In Caenorhabditis elegans, it is a component of the heterochronic gene pathway that governs larval developmental timing, while its vertebrate homologs promote pluripotency and control differentiation in diverse tissues. The RNA binding protein encoded by lin-28 can directly inhibit let-7(More)
PURPOSE To assess possible gains and losses in straylight values among the population to consider straylight as added benefit of lens extraction. DESIGN In this cross-sectional design, data from a multicenter study on visual function in automobile drivers were analyzed. METHODS On both eyes of 2,422 subjects, visual acuity (logarithm of the minimum(More)
We present a novel method to visualize multidimensional point clouds. While conventional visualization techniques, like scatterplot matrices or parallel coordinates, have issues with either overplotting of entities or handling many dimensions, we abstract the data using topological methods before presenting it. We assume the input points to be samples of a(More)
In this paper, we present a novel three-stage process to visualize the structure of point clouds in arbitrary dimensions. To get insight into the structure and complexity of a data set, we would most preferably just look into it, e.g. by plotting its corresponding point cloud. Unfortunately, for orthogonal scatter plots, this only works up to three(More)
How can the notion of topological structures for single scalar fields be extended to multifields? In this paper we propose a definition for such structures using the concepts of Pareto optimality and Pareto dominance. Given a set of piecewise-linear, scalar functions over a common simplical complex of any dimension, our method finds regions of “consensus”(More)
The contour tree compactly describes scalar field topology. From the viewpoint of graph drawing, it is a tree with attributes at vertices and optionally on edges. Standard tree drawing algorithms emphasize structural properties of the tree and neglect the attributes. Applying known techniques to convey this information proves hard and sometimes even(More)
PURPOSE This study aimed to investigate the prevalence of impairment of visual function amongst European drivers. METHODS A total of 2422 drivers from five European countries underwent a battery of visual function tests, including tests for visual acuity (VA), visual field (VF), contrast sensitivity, straylight (glare sensitivity) and useful field of view(More)