Christian Heckler

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Lattice basis reduction is an important problem in geometry of numbers with applications in combinatorial optimization, computer algebra, and cryptography. The well-known sequential LLL algorithm finds a short vector in O(n 4 log B) arithmetic operations on integers having binary length O(n log B), where n denotes the dimension of the lattice and B denotes(More)
An experimental model of an electronic reference retrieval file in which all file entries are interrogated simultaneously has been designed and constructed. The experimental model is designed to store and search on a file of indexes to 5,000 documents. A document index consists of a decimal accession number and up to eight English word descriptors that are(More)
S<sc>INGULAR</sc> is a computer algebra system designed to be a power-house for polynomial computations with special features for algebraic geometry and singularity theory.The development of S<sc>INGULAR</sc> started in 1986, motivated by the question of the existence of complete intersection singularities which are not quasi-homogeneous, but whose(More)
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