Christian Handschigl

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In this paper we outline instructional, legal, and software requirements as well as a prototypical software implementation for a multimedia help system in a rehabilitation scenario. The help system will be used by patients in a rehabilitation clinic to support their pelvic floor exercises. After describing the use case we will outline the requirements for(More)
Due to their structure, hypervideos are well suited for different scenarios. Compared to traditional linear videos, they have advantages especially in e-learning and training, where the study matter can be fitted to the needs of the viewer. In this paper we present the SIVA Suite, an open source framework for the creation, playback, and administration of(More)
Hypervideo based physiotherapy trainings bear an opportunity to support patients in continuing their training after being released from a rehabilitation clinic. Many exercises require the patient to sit on the floor or a gymnastic ball, lie on a gymnastics mat, or do the exercises in other postures. Using a laptop or tablet with a stand to show the(More)
Dual screen concepts for hypervideo-based physiotherapy training are important in healthcare settings, but existing applications often cannot be adapted to personal needs and do not support correct posture. In this paper, we describe the design and implementation of a dual screen application (handheld and TV) that allows patients to view hypervideos(More)
Hypervideos, consisting of media enriched and linked video scenes, have proven useful in many scenarios. Software solutions exist that help authors make hypervideos from media files. However, recording and editing video scenes for hypervideos is a tedious and time consuming job. Huge video databases like YouTube exist that can provide rich sources of video(More)
Adapting to personal needs and supporting correct posture are important in physiotherapy training. In this demo, we show a dual screen application (handheld and TV) that allows patients to view hypervideo training programs. Designed to guide their daily exercises, these programs can be adapted to daily needs. The dual screen concept offers the positional(More)
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