Christian Hallmen

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Ginkgotoxin (4'-O-methylpyridoxine) occurring in the seeds and leaves of Ginkgo biloba, is an antivitamin structurally related to vitamin B(6). Ingestion of ginkgotoxin triggers epileptic convulsions and other neuronal symptoms. Here we report on studies on the impact of B(6) antivitamins including ginkgotoxin on recombinant homogeneous human pyridoxal(More)
Investigation of the methanolic extract of the Australian ascidian Atriolum robustum led to the isolation and characterization of five new amino acid derived structures (1-5). The structures were elucidated employing spectroscopic techniques (NMR, MS, UV, and IR). The absolute stereochemistry of 1 and 2 was established by chemical degradation,(More)
The adenosine A(3) receptor together with rhodopsin belongs to Class A of the G-protein coupled receptors. As the crystal structure of bovine rhodopsin represents the dark (inactive) state of the receptor, the details of GPCR activation are still unknown. In this molecular dynamics study we investigate how the homology model of the human adenosine A(3)(More)
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