Christian Hafner

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We consider the problem of multistep-ahead prediction in time series analysis by using nonparametric smoothing techniques. Forecasting is always one of the main objectives in time series analysis. Research has shown that non-linear time series models have certain advantages in multistep-ahead forecasting. Traditionally, nonparametric k-step-ahead least(More)
Highly accurate computations of surface plasmons in metallic nanostructures with various geometries are presented. Calculations for cylinders with irregular cross section, coupled structures, and periodic gratings are shown. These systems exhibit a resonant behavior with complex field distribution and strong field enhancement, and therefore their(More)
We investigate the optical forces acting on a metallic nanoparticle when the nanoparticle is introduced within a photonic nanojet (PNJ). Optical forces at resonance and off-resonance conditions of the microcylinder or nanoparticle are investigated. Under proper polarization conditions, the whispering gallery mode can be excited in the microcylinder, even at(More)
The development of photonic nano-structures can strongly benefit from full-field electromagnetic (EM) simulations. To this end, geometrical flexibility and accurate material modelling are crucial requirements set on the simulation method. This paper introduces a modular implementation of dispersive materials for time-domain EM simulations with focus on the(More)
The spectral and spatial treatment of electromagnetic fields express an essential operation regarding the functionality of integrated optical devices. Such molding of fields can hardly be handled without sophisticated heuristic optimization tools. We propose evolutionary algorithm schemes being canonical by investigating numerous design examples in the(More)
We study the effect of a spiral corrugation on the outer surface of a fully metal-coated scanning near-field optical microscopy (SNOM) probe using the finite element method. The introduction of a novel form of asymmetry, devoid of any preferential spatial direction and covering the whole angular range of the originally axisymmetric tip, allows attaining(More)
A scheme for the direct conversion of millimeter and THz waves to optical signals is introduced. The compact device consists of a plasmonic phase modulator that is seamlessly cointegrated with an antenna. Neither high-speed electronics nor electronic amplification is required to drive the modulator. A built-in enhancement of the electric field by a factor(More)
In this paper, the recent updates in the Multiple Multipole Program (MMP) analysis of photonic structures are introduced, with a special emphasis on the structures built in layered media. Along with the mathematical background of MMP, several numerical techniques including the scattering and eigenvalue analyses of photonic structures are introduced.(More)