Christian H. Reinsch

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DESCRIPTION The procedures QUINAT, QUINEQ, and QUINDF of Algorithm 507 [1] have been translated from ALGOL W into subroutines in 1966 American National Standard FORTRAN with only minor modifications. When using the original ALGOL W version of QUINAT with double or triple knots, it was necessary for the user to make a redefinition of some y-values(More)
The most efficient program for finding all the eigenvalues of a symmetric matrix is a combination of the Householder tridiagonalization and the QR algorithm. The latter, if carried out in a natural way, requires An additions, 10« multiplications, In divisions, and n square roots per iteration (n the order of the matrix). In 1963, Ortega and Kaiser showed(More)
Jack J. Dongarra was born in Chicago in 1950 to a family of Sicilian immigrants. He remembers himself as an undistinguished student during his time at a local Catholic elementary school, burdened by undiagnosed dyslexia. Only later, in high school, did he begin to connect material from science classes with his love of taking machines apart and tinkering(More)
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