Christian H. Reinsch

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BACKGROUND The Crabtree-negative yeast species Kluyveromyces lactis has been established as an attractive microbial expression system for recombinant proteins at industrial scale. Its LAC genes allow for utilization of the inexpensive sugar lactose as a sole source of carbon and energy. Lactose efficiently induces the LAC4 promoter, which can be used to(More)
DESCRIPTION The procedures QUINAT, QUINEQ, and QUINDF of Algorithm 507 [1] have been translated from ALGOL W into subroutines in 1966 American National Standard FORTRAN with only minor modifications. When using the original ALGOL W version of QUINAT with double or triple knots, it was necessary for the user to make a redefinition of some y-values(More)
Additions, errors and corrections to please. Much of this is derived from the bibliography in [14]. Calculation of the eigenvalues of a symmetric tridiagonal matrix by the method of bisection. estimate for the condition number of a matrix. The eigenvalue problem for Hermitian matrices with time-reversal symmetry. Solving the secular equation(More)
To study amyloid precursor protein (APP) processing we expressed different APP isoforms with and without the Swedish mutation and the membrane inserted C-terminal 100 residues of APP (SPA4CT) in the human neuroblastoma cell line SY5Y. We show that expression of the Swedish mutation results in a significant production of the amyloidogenic intermediate A4CT,(More)
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