Christian Gruber

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BACKGROUND Although DSM-IV requires symptoms in three criterion domains for a diagnosis of autistic disorder, the extent to which those domains are phenotypically independent is an unanswered and important question. The identification of 'endophenotypes' of the autistic syndrome may be very useful for genetic and neurobiologic studies of autism, but only if(More)
The PEDANT genome database ( provides exhaustive automatic analysis of genomic sequences by a large variety of established bioinformatics tools through a comprehensive Web-based user interface. One hundred and seventy seven completely sequenced and unfinished genomes have been processed so far, including large eukaryotic genomes (mouse,(More)
In this paper, a new technique for online signature verification or identification is proposed. The technique integrates a longest common subsequences (LCSS) detection algorithm which measures the similarity of signature time series into a kernel function for support vector machines (SVM). LCSS offers the possibility to consider the local variability of(More)
This article presents a novel classification algorithm for (multivariate) time series. In a first step, so-called time series motifs, which represent characteristic subsequences of the time series, are extracted using extreme points. In a second step, the extracted motifs are used to train a dynamic radial basis function network (DRBF). Compared to a(More)
The equations for the time evolution of the controversial adiabatic piston problem are obtained using a very primitive model of the uids. It thus shows that the 1 st and 2 nd laws of thermodynamics lead to equations of motion which determine uniquely the nal equilibrium state, while this state cannot be predicted using the laws of thermostatics only.
1. A brief history The " Falicov-Kimball model " was first considered by Hubbard and Gutzwiller in 1963– 65 as a simplification of the Hubbard model. Falicov and Kimball introduced in 1969 a model that included a few extra complications, in order to investigate metal-insulator phase transitions in rare-earth materials and transition-metal compounds.(More)
Neural networks are often used to process temporal information, i.e., any kind of information related to time series. In many cases, time series contain short-term and long-term trends or behavior. This paper presents a new approach to capture temporal information with various reference periods simultaneously. A least squares approximation of the time(More)
This research explored the ability of parent-informant Personality Inventory for Children (PIC; Lachar, 1982) questionnaire items to form the foundation for self-report scales. An iterative rational and internal consistency approach using 585 clinical protocols constructed nine nonoverlapping clinical scales. Twenty-four complementary subscales were also(More)