Christian Gontrand

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In this paper we investigate a comprehensive analysis of Long Term Evolution Advanced (LTE) downlink (DL) physical layer performance using Multi Input Multi Output channel (MIMO) based on standard parameters. The work consists firstly in modeling LTE physical downlink shared channel (PDSCH). The developed model is based on an independent functional blocks(More)
We present, in this paper the mathematical approach for optimization nanometric thickness of the SiGeC base heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBTs), realized in BiCMOS industrial process. However, use of these components in applications microwave radio frequencies implores the use of complex structures shrinking. The base SiGeC is the active part of the(More)
This paper is focused on a model for the power amplifier considering the memory effects in short terms, this work was developed for periodic signals through Matlab software and was implemented in Simulink. This model for the power amplifier implements a Memory-Polynomial models. Memorypolynomials prove to be both accurate and easy to implement and was(More)
In this paper is fully proved the behavior of the Volterra Series through a Memory-Polynomial Model (MPM) excited by QAM Input and implemented in an Radio Frequency Satellite Link (RFSL). Several sequences of 4-, 8-, 16-, 32 and 64-QAM Inputs were introduced to the MPM. The MPM as special truncation of the Volterra Series showed a correct behaviour for each(More)
This paper describes the design and implementation of a memoryless digital predistortion (DPD) system for the linearization of power amplifiers. The system prototype predistorter requirements and architecture are implemented over a DSP-FPGA development kit. The design methodology is described in practical blocks and analyzed in detail with special emphasis(More)