Christian Gleichner

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Due to predictions and first experiences with large-scale integrated systems based on nano-size features, fault tolerance and eventually even self repair have become important technologies for the implementation of long-time dependable systems. While memory self test and self-repair is state-of-the-art in system design, logic in-system repair seems to be a(More)
In state-of-the-art automotive controllers, test in the field cannot use features dedicated to production test. However, the enhanced testability by access to features such as scan-chains can increase the effectivity and the diagnostic features of tests in the field significantly. Therefore, an appropriate test access to the integrated test-technology is(More)
In state-of-the-art automotive controllers, functional tests are used to check their integrity in the field. Features dedicated to production test of integrated circuits such as scan-chains are not applied in the embedded system. However, such test structures enable a more effective and diagnostic test, which improves the fault analysis in case of a system(More)
Strukturorientierte Tests können eingesetzt werden, um die Funktionstüchtigkeit hochintegrierter Schaltungen zu überprüfen. Der Produktionstest wird von einer speziellen, schaltungsinternen Testlogik unterstützt, die über dedizierte I/O-Kanäle angesteuert wird. Im Zielsystem ist diese Schnittstelle aber nicht verfügbar. Um einen erweiterten Systemtest mit(More)
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