Christian Gasser

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At autopsy, 13 nonstenotic human left anterior descending coronary arteries [71.5 +/- 7.3 (mean +/- SD) yr old] were harvested, and related anamnesis was documented. Preconditioned prepared strips (n = 78) of segments from the midregion of the left anterior descending coronary artery from the individual layers in axial and circumferential directions were(More)
A new vision based inspection technique for rail surface defects is presented. It replaces visual checks with an automatic inspection system. Colour line-scan cameras and a special image acquisition method- the so called spectral image differencing procedure (SIDP- allow the automatic detection of defects on rail surfaces, like flakes, cracks, grooves or(More)
LEAF, the Lean and Extensible Architectural Framework, is an enhancement wrapper for J2EE implementations. Basically, LEAF fixes some identified J2EE issues and extends, as well as simplifies, the use of the J2EE by providing several incremental improvements. These improvements are seamlessly integrated, include an additional component type, allow the same(More)
Large-scale laser projection systems used in industrial environment, e.g. for the projection of CAD drawings onto large work pieces, require external calibration to ensure constant precision and hence quality. Basically, each different projected pattern has to be calibrated at least once, to account for temperature-induced variations in the laser scanning(More)
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