Christian Garreau de Loubresse

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Minocycline strongly inhibits microglial activation, which contributes to central sensitization, a major mechanism underlying chronic pain development. We hypothesized that the perioperative administration of minocycline might decrease persistent pain after lumbar discectomy. We randomly assigned 100 patients undergoing scheduled lumbar discectomy to(More)
For intra-operative neurophysiological monitoring during spine and spinal cord surgery, the challenge is to detect, in real-time, the occurrence of neurological impairment at onset in order to remedy the problem as quickly as possible before it becomes definitely acquired and irreversible. The past three decades were marked by considerable technical(More)
Goals for treatment of comminutive fractures of the distal radius include restoration of the articular profile of the proximal part of the joint, while axial loading forces must be avoided as much as possible to prevent secondary displacement. The choice of an internal fixation protected by an external wrist distractor-fixator, with early activo-passive(More)
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