Christian Garreau de Loubresse

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We report our experience over seven years with a floating radial-head prosthesis for acute fractures of the radial head and the complications which may result from such injury. The prosthesis has an integrated articulation which allows change of position during movement of the elbow. We present the results in 12 patients with a minimum follow-up of two(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the impact of the implementation of the Ottawa ankle rules on radiography requests in French hospitals during a 5-month intervention period and the impact of using posters alone to sustain the effect of the rules during a 5-month postintervention period. DESIGN Multicenter randomized controlled trial preceded and followed by(More)
We present the results of five patients who underwent resection of heterotopic ossification around the knee following traumatic brain injury. All the patients had improved function and no pain at a minimum of 1 year follow up, irrespective of their preoperative neurological status. Our philosophy for such surgery is outlined and, although the surgical goals(More)
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY Intramedullar nailing is now widely used for fractures of the tibia. Extension of nailing indications to proximal, distal, and comminuted fractures has led to a significant rate of complications. The purpose of this study was to analyze decortication and medial plating for the treatment of tibial nonunion after intramedullary nailing.(More)
We review the early results of shoulder arthroplasty in the weight-bearing shoulder of long-term paraplegic patients. We have been unable to find previously published results of this subgroup of shoulder arthroplasty patients in the literature. Five paraplegic, female patients who had undergone shoulder arthroplasty were analyzed. All patients had been(More)
Minocycline strongly inhibits microglial activation, which contributes to central sensitization, a major mechanism underlying chronic pain development. We hypothesized that the perioperative administration of minocycline might decrease persistent pain after lumbar discectomy. We randomly assigned 100 patients undergoing scheduled lumbar discectomy to(More)
STUDY DESIGN A retrospective analysis of the progression of adult scoliosis. OBJECTIVE To establish an individual prognosis. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Most studies have investigated the adolescent scoliosis after skeletal maturity, but the results are discordant. METHODS Two senior physicians measured all the radiographs of 51 adults who had a(More)
INTRODUCTION Spinal neuroarthropathy (SNA), also called "Charcot spine", is very uncommon disease of unknown etiology. Kronig first reported this pathology in 1884 on a patient with Tabes dorsalis (also known as syphilitic myelopathy). As syphilis tends to disappear in developed countries, spinal cord lesion is the most frequent etiology of SNA. (More)
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY We have performed a prospective study in 54 patients with suspected osteoarticular deep infection. The purpose of the study was to compare notch needle-biopsy versus simple punction in term of bacteriological efficiency. MATERIAL AND METHODS Among 54 patients (32 males, 22 females), 16 cases of deep infections were proven. There was(More)
Thirty-three thoracolumbar and lumbar spine fractures have been operated on using Cotrel-Dubousset instrumentation. Most were thoracolumbar burst fractures. Regional kyphosis at follow-up was 4 degrees, vertebral kyphosis was 8 degrees. Secondary loss of regional kyphosis was 1 degree, and 10 degrees of vertebral kyphosis. This construct with screws varies(More)