Christian Ganibal

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The thermomigration of Al/Si liquid droplets in silicon by means of a vertical temperature gradient has been studied as an alternative to boron diffusion for the realization of deep p peripheral zones enabling reverse voltage-blocking capability of a power SCR. The process involves liquid state diffusion phenomena so that realization of those p zones takes(More)
Within a project whose objective is to develop a small-size 3D sensor combining a video camera with a 3D laser-based \camera", this paper describes the current status of the laser camera. The prototype of the laser camera is operational and is able to produce 3D \images" with good deenition at high speed. Because of size constraints, some of the control(More)
The effects of bias current on sensitivity and selectivity of resistive Metal-Oxide (MOX) sensors toward gases have been investigated. While the working temperature is kept constant, it has been found that tuning the polarization of the MOX thin film induces changes on its sensitivity toward gases. Besides, the behavior of sensitivity versus bias current(More)
The main feature of the thermomigration of Al/Si liquid droplets in silicon for the realization of isolation walls in bidirectional power devices is its low thermal budget. Therefore, it is compatible with the utilization of epitaxial substrates for innovative power devices, for example, with reduced on-state resistance. This paper describes the design and(More)
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