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—Immersive 3D worlds have increasingly raised the interest of researchers and practitioners for various learning and training settings over the last decade. These virtual worlds can provide multiple communication channels between users and improve presence and awareness in the learning process. Consequently virtual 3D environments facilitate collaborative(More)
Based on the overall aims of the AdeLE (Adaptive e-Learning with Eye-Tracking) project, and in particular motivated by the decision of using a strictly separated system's architecture, the requirements for the modeling system and its implementation as a micro-service-oriented architecture is addressed in this paper. Furthermore, experiences and lessons(More)
In today's knowledge-based society, great demands are placed on getting information and knowledge anywhere and anytime. This is now made even more possible with the advent of advanced and sophisticated technologies and services. Society must now keep pace with the ever-changing knowledge processes, learn and enhance existing skills as well as create new(More)
In consideration of AdeLE (Adaptive e-Learning with Eye Tracking), a research project with the aim to develop and implement a solution framework for personalised e-learning based on real-time user behaviour, this paper examines the main approaches to adaptive e-learning based on a research on the history of adaptive instructional learning. Furthermore, an(More)
— As e-learning and technologies advanced significantly , practitioners and academics must find new ways to make the most of this rapid development. In the past, research development in this area was mainly focused solely on technological aspects and more recently, on e-learning and technologies for individualized learning. Much work has been done in this(More)
According to literature, a lot of research work on adaptive e-learning was carried out and, insofar, many systems in this application domain were developed in the last decades. One solution approach within the scope of adaptive educational hypermedia is the project AdeLE (Adaptive e-Learning with Eye-Tracking), started at the end of the year 2003 and with(More)
In this paper we introduce AdELE, a framework for adaptive e-learning utilising both eye tracking and content tracking technology. The framework is based upon the combination of fine-grained real-time eye tracking with synchronous content tracking, a user profiler, an adaptive multimedia learning environment, and a dynamic background library. The framework(More)
We live in an era of ever-increasing abundance of data. To cope with the information overload we suffer from every single day, more sophisticated methods are required to access, manipulate, and analyze these humongous amounts of data. By embracing the heterogeneity, which is unavoidable at such a scale, and accepting the fact that the data quality and(More)