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BACKGROUND Allergic reactions to beta-lactams are the most frequent cause of adverse drug reactions mediated by specific immunologic mechanisms. They can be explored by in vivo and/or in vitro tests. The measurement of serum-specific immunoglobulin E (IgE) presents several advantages: safety, simplicity, and availability to nonallergologist physicians. (More)
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY We compared on lateral X-rays of 83 healthy knees, 6 methods measuring the tibial sagittal slope. Each method determined the tibial slope according to an independent anatomical axis. The goals of the study were to: 1) detect the differences between the 6 methods; 2) determine if any mathematical relation could be observed between the 6(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to describe the MR appearance of the acetabular labrum in asymptomatic hips on high resolution MRI. METHOD Fifty-two hips in 46 asymptomatic volunteers with an age range of 15-85 years were evaluated with coronal and axial T1-weighted and T2-weighted sequences. The shape, margin, size, and signal intensity of the(More)
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY Resection of the proximal row of the carpus which simplifies the radiocarpal joint is mainly performed for advanced collapse. With the development of several therapeutic alternatives, further study of outcome is warranted to better identify indications. MATERIAL AND METHODS Twenty-five patients who underwent proximal row carpectomy(More)
The median nerve is classically distributed to the medial epicondylar muscles by two branches (superior and inferior) for the pronator teres muscle, a common trunk for the flexor carpi radialis and palmaris longus muscles, and a branch for the flexor digitorum superficialis muscle. The 50 dissections were made by two workers on 30 upper limbs of formalized(More)
The current authors retrospectively assessed 56 hip shelf arthroplasties (48 patients) with a mean followup of 17 years (range, 15-30 years) and 89 Chiari osteotomies (82 patients) with a mean followup of 13 years (range, 6-25 years) done in adults with painful hip dysplasia. Preoperative joint space narrowing was observed in 32 of 56 shelf arthroplasties(More)
Lumbar hernia is classically described as arising from the superior (Grynfeltt's) lumbar triangle or the inferior (Jean-Louis Petit's) lumbar triangle. The present anatomical study based on a computed tomography examination performed in a patient with lumbar hernia, has led to the suggestion that lumbar hernias cross the lumbar wall through a(More)
Neural stem and precursor cells persist postnatally throughout adulthood and are capable of responding to numerous endogenous and exogenous signals by modifying their proliferation and differentiation. Whereas adult neurogenesis has been extensively studied in the dentate gyrus of the hippocampal formation and in the subventricular zone adjacent to the wall(More)
The position of the acetabular implant plays a dominant role in the displacement of a total hip prosthesis. CT allows precise measurement of the position of the cup, but the influence of pelvic rotation on this measurement is unknown. The aim of this study was to determine, in a group of healthy subjects, whether a pelvic equilibrium exists specific to each(More)
The incidence of social disorders such as autism and schizophrenia is significantly higher in males, and the presentation more severe, than in females. This suggests the possible contribution of sex hormones to the development of these psychiatric disorders. There is also evidence that these disorders are highly heritable. To contribute toward our(More)