Christian Findeklee

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The electric conductivity can potentially be used as an additional diagnostic parameter, e.g., in tumor diagnosis. Moreover, the electric conductivity, in connection with the electric field, can be used to estimate the local SAR distribution during MR measurements. In this study, a new approach, called electric properties tomography (EPT) is presented. It(More)
The current gold standard to estimate local and global specific energy absorption rate for MRI involves numerically modeling the patient and the transmit radiofrequency coil. Recently, a patient-individual method was presented, which estimated specific energy absorption rate from individually measured B(1) maps. This method, however, was restricted to(More)
Multichannel transmit magnetic resonance imaging (MR) systems have the potential to compensate for signal-intensity variations occurring at higher field strengths due to wave propagation effects in tissue. Methods such as RF shimming and local excitation in combination with parallel transmission can be applied to compensate for these effects. Moreover,(More)
The specific absorption rate (SAR) is an important safety criterion, limiting many MR protocols with respect to the achievable contrast and scan duration. Parallel transmission enables control of the radiofrequency field in space and time and hence allows for SAR management. However, a trade-off exists between radiofrequency pulse performance and SAR(More)
The electrical conductivity of human tissue could be used as an additional diagnostic parameter or might be helpful for the prediction of the local SAR during MR measurements. In this study, the approach "Electric Properties Tomography" (EPT) is applied, which derives the patient's electric conductivity using a standard MR system. To this goal, the spatial(More)
I. Graesslin, P. Vernickel, J. Schmidt, C. Findeklee, P. Röschmann, C. Leussler, P. Haaker, H. Laudan, K. M. Luedeke, J. Scholz, S. Buller, J. Keupp, P. Börnert, H. Dingemans, G. Mens, G. Vissers, K. Blom, N. Swennen, J. vd Heijden, L. Mollevanger, P. Harvey, U. Katscher Philips Research Laboratories, Hamburg, Germany, TuTech Innovation, Hamburg, Germany,(More)
P. Vernickel, P. Röschmann, C. Findeklee, K. Luedeke, C. Leussler, J. Overweg, U. Katscher, I. Graesslin, K. Schuenemann TuTech Innovation, Hamburg, Germany, Philips Research Laboratories, Hamburg, Germany, Technical University Hamburg-Harburg, Hamburg, Germany Introduction Multi-channel transmit MR systems bear the potential of compensating signal(More)
G. D. DeMeester, Z. Zhai, M. A. Morich, C. Leussler, C. Findeklee Philips Medical Systems, Cleveland, Ohio, United States, Philips Research Laboratories, Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany Introduction A TEM T/R head coil and a shielded birdcage T/R head coil operated at 298MHz/7T were both modeled using the Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) method. The two coils(More)
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