Christian Fernandez

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Glucocorticoids are universally used in the treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), and resistance to glucocorticoids in leukemia cells confers poor prognosis. To elucidate mechanisms of glucocorticoid resistance, we determined the prednisolone sensitivity of primary leukemia cells from 444 patients newly diagnosed with ALL and found significantly(More)
A novel class of PEGylated polyacridine peptides was developed that mediate potent stimulated gene transfer in the liver of mice. Polyacridine peptides, (Acr-X)(n)-Cys-polyethylene glycol (PEG), possessing 2-6 repeats of Lys-acridine (Acr) spaced by either Lys, Arg, Leu or Glu, were Cys derivatized with PEG (PEG(5000 kDa)) and evaluated as in vivo gene(More)
A novel nonviral gene delivery vector composed of a high-mannose N-glycan conjugated to a polyacridine peptide was prepared. The glycopeptide was designed to bind to plasmid DNA by a combination of polyintercalation and ionic binding, and to the DC-SIGN (dendritic cell-specific intracellular adhesion molecule-3 grabbing nonintegrin) receptor expressed on(More)
Acknowledgements This report presents the findings of Belarus HIV/AIDS resource tracking exercise for the financial years 2008-2011. The report is a product of a continuous collaborative effort of the Ministry of Health, UNAIDS and UNDP country offices in Belarus in HIV resource tracking. The report aims to encourage discussions around HIV resources(More)
Acknowledgements We would like to thank health care organizations, institutions, HIV/AIDS authorities in Dehong Prefecture of Yunnan Province, China for their effort and commitment in providing information for conducting National AIDS Spending Assessment. Without their contribution this report would not have been possible. Background Comprehensive(More)
Change detection is an important part of image interpretation and automated geographical data collection. There are several approaches to change detection, from image differencing to Principal Component Analysis. One of the techniques that offer best results is Iterative Principal Component Analysis (IPCA). In this paper we present some modifications to(More)
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