Christian Fairburn

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Several theoretical studies have suggested that large samples of randomly ascertained siblings can be efficiently used to ascertain phenotypically extreme individuals and increase power to detect genetic linkage. Phenotypes that can be reliably measured by questionnaire are of obvious utility for such selection strategies, as large numbers of individuals(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was designed to assess the validity of the DSM-IV scheme for classifying recurrent binge eating. METHOD A general population sample of 250 young women with recurrent binge eating was recruited using a two-stage design. Information on their eating habits and associated psychopathology was obtained by personal interviews. Subjects were(More)
  • C Fairburn
  • 1981
Diabetic men are prone to develop sexual problems, the most common being erectile failure. In the past this diabetic impotence has been regarded as a discrete clinical entity, providing one of the best examples of a physically-induced failure of erection. It now appears likely that the clinical picture and aetiology are more involved than had been(More)
Integrated Aircrew Training (IAT) is a training system combining Live, Virtual and simulated Constructive (LVC) elements into realistic multiplayer training scenarios that closely resemble those encountered in operational experience. IAT interconnects multiple systems and participants – aircraft, virtual participants and ground assets – into a system of(More)
Today's air traffic control (ATC) systems rely on multi-agent collaboration when managing air traffic. The introduction of new technologies into this complex environment motivates a need to assess predictively the impact of future technologies on the work practices currently present within the ATC system. This paper uses principles associated with Clark's(More)
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