Christian F. Orellana

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The RNA transcriptome varies in response to cellular differentiation as well as environmental factors, and can be characterized by the diversity and abundance of transcript isoforms. Differential transcription analysis, the detection of differences between the transcriptomes of different cells, may improve understanding of cell differentiation and(More)
MOTIVATION In eukaryotic cells, alternative splicing expands the diversity of RNA transcripts and plays an important role in tissue-specific differentiation, and can be misregulated in disease. To understand these processes, there is a great need for methods to detect differential transcription between samples. Our focus is on samples observed using(More)
This article introduces a self-stabilizing deadlock-detection algorithm for the OR model. The algorithm is complete, because it detects all deadlocks, and it is correct, because it does not detect false deadlocks. Because of the self-stabilization property, the algorithm supports dynamic changes in the wait-for graph on which it works, and transient faults;(More)
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