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Software-Defined Networking: A Comprehensive Survey
The Internet has led to the creation of a digital society, where (almost) everything is connected and is accessible from anywhere. However, despite their widespread adoption, traditional IP networksExpand
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LIPSIN: line speed publish/subscribe inter-networking
A large fraction of today's Internet applications are internally publish/subscribe in nature; the current architecture makes it cumbersome and inept to support them. In essence, supporting efficientExpand
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Theory and Practice of Bloom Filters for Distributed Systems
Many network solutions and overlay networks utilize probabilistic techniques to reduce information processing and networking costs. This survey article presents a number of frequently used and usefulExpand
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Mininet-WiFi: Emulating software-defined wireless networks
As the density of wireless networks continues to grow with more clients, more base stations, and more traffic, designing cost-effective wireless solutions with efficient resource usage and ease toExpand
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Forwarding anomalies in Bloom filter-based multicast
Several recently proposed multicast protocols use in-packet Bloom filters to encode multicast trees. These mechanisms are in principle highly scalable because no per-flow state is required in theExpand
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Revisiting routing control platforms with the eyes and muscles of software-defined networking
Prior work on centralized Routing Control Platform (RCP) has shown many benefits in flexible routing, enhanced security, and ISP connectivity management tasks. In this paper, we discuss RCPs in theExpand
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Virtual routers as a service: the RouteFlow approach leveraging software-defined networks
The networking equipment market is being transformed by the need for greater openness and flexibility, not only for research purposes but also for in-house innovation by the equipment owners. InExpand
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Self-Routing Denial-of-Service Resistant Capabilities Using In-packet Bloom Filters
In this paper, we propose and analyze an in-packet Bloom-filter-based source-routing architecture resistant to Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks. The approach is based on forwarding identifiersExpand
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Cardigan: SDN distributed routing fabric going live at an Internet exchange
Software Defined Networking (SDN) is an active area for network research, with many organizations exploring the opportunities provided by the decoupling of network control from packet forwarding.Expand
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The deletable Bloom filter: a new member of the Bloom family
We introduce the Deletable Bloom filter (DlBF) as a new spin on the popular data structure based on compactly encoding the information of where collisions happen when inserting elements. The DlBFExpand
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