Christian Esposito

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Federating mission critical systems over wide-area networks still represents a challenging issue. For example, it is hard to assure both reliability and timeliness in a hostile environment such as Internet. The publish/subscribe (pub/sub) interaction model is a promising solution for scalable data dissemination over wide-area networks. Nevertheless,(More)
Cloud Federation is an emerging computing model where multiple resources from independent Cloud providers are leveraged to create large-scale distributed virtual computing clusters, operating as into a single Cloud organization. This model enables the implementation of environmental diversity for Cloud applications, and overcomes the provisioning and(More)
—In each application domain for safety-critical systems , international organizations have issued regulations concerned with the development, implementation, validation and maintenance of safety-critical systems. In particular, each of them indicate a definition of what safety means, proper qualitative and quantitative properties for evaluating the quality(More)
The design of large-scale critical infrastructures demands for innovative data dissemination services, able to jointly provide reliability and timeliness guarantees. Current middleware solutions do not address both these aspects. Indeed, fault tolerance is typically achieved at the cost of severe performance fluctuations, or timeliness is always obtained by(More)