Christian Eling

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In this paper, a newly-developed direct georeferencing system for the guidance, navigation and control of lightweight unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), having a weight limit of 5 kg and a size limit of 1.5 m, and for UAV-based surveying and remote sensing applications is presented. The system is intended to provide highly accurate positions and attitudes(More)
For situations, where mapping is neither possible from high altitudes nor from the ground, we are developing an autonomous micro aerial vehicle able to fly at low altitudes in close vicinity of obstacles. This vehicle is based on a MikroKopter octocopter platform (maximum total weight: 5kg), and contains a dual frequency GPS board, an IMU, a compass, two(More)
Online pose estimation and mapping in unknown environments is essential for most mobile robots. Especially autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles require good pose estimates at comparably high frequencies. In this paper, we propose an effective system for online pose and simultaneous map estimation designed for light-weight UAVs. Our system consists of two(More)
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