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Meiosis generates four haploid daughters from a diploid parental cell. Central steps of meiosis are the pairing and recombination of homologous chromosomes followed by their segregation in two rounds of cell division. Meiotic recombination is monitored by a specialized DNA damage checkpoint pathway and is guided by a unique chromosomal structure called(More)
Cohesin's Smc1, Smc3, and kleisin subunits create a tripartite ring within which sister DNAs are entrapped. Evidence suggests that DNA enters through a gate created by transient dissociation of the Smc1/3 interface. Release at the onset of anaphase is triggered by proteolytic cleavage of kleisin. Less well understood is the mechanism of release at other(More)
All living organisms are vulnerable to DNA damage. Cells respond to this hazard by activating a complex network of checkpoint and repair proteins to preserve genomic integrity. The DNA-encircling, ring-shaped heterotrimeric 9-1-1 complex, a relative of the replication protein PCNA, is a central coordinator of these events. 9-1-1 is loaded to damaged sites(More)
Digital libraries allow novel ways of interaction between the users and the resources provided by a (digital) library. Traditional libraries only support a simple pattern of searching the catalogue, retrieving some books, browsing through them, and reading the most relevant ones. We propose a new way of looking at the resources of a library: rather than(More)
Pericentric heterochromatin, while often considered as "junk" DNA, plays important functions in chromosome biology. It contributes to sister chromatid cohesion, a process mediated by the cohesin complex that ensures proper genome segregation during nuclear division. Long stretches of heterochromatin are almost exclusively placed at centromere-proximal(More)
Web applications, or web sites, are an important communication medium conveying information between organizations and the users of their web applications. To ensure a unique appearance of their web applications, organizations define standardized content, navigation and presentation requirements for web applications within their corporate identity. However,(More)
Organizations usually handle their business cases by requesting external services that are integrated with internal procedures to a composite business process. External services may be atomic activities or, more often, arbitrarily complex processes. In the simplest case, all business cases of a particular kind follow the same external services and internal(More)
DNA polymerase alpha is essential for the onset of eukaryotic DNA replication. Its correct folding and assembly within the nuclear replication pre-initiation complex is crucial for normal cell cycle progression and genome maintenance. Due to a single point mutation in the largest DNA polymerase alpha subunit, p180, the temperature-sensitive mouse cell line(More)
This article provides an overview of ongoing research within the framework ScaleNet 1. Considering IP as the basis transport scheme, the wireless and the wireline world have just started to move towards each other. ScaleNet is pushing this development by evolving a new system concept and by developing technologies 2 for Fixed & Mobile Convergence.(More)
Eine 39-jährige Patientin stellte sich auf Überweisung ihres Hals-Nasen-OhrenArztes zur Beurteilung eines Defekts des Hartund Weichgaumens vor, der sich im Zeitraum von 6–8 Monaten entwickelt habe (. Abb. 1). Sie berichtete, der Defekt sei aus einer kleinen Fistel am Übergang von Hartzum Weichgaumen entstanden, der dann an Größe zugenommen habe. Sie leide(More)