Christian Ehlting

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Recently, it has been demonstrated that TNF-alpha and LPS induce the expression of suppressor of cytokine signaling 3 (SOCS3) and inhibit IL-6-induced STAT3 activation in macrophages. Inhibitor studies suggested that both induction of SOCS3 and inhibition of IL-6-induced STAT3 activation depend on the activation of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase.(More)
The liver plays an important role in innate and adaptive immunity and in particular in induction of tolerance. The liver is frequently exposed to pathogens like gut-derived food antigens, environmental toxins and bacterial or viral products reaching the liver via the blood flow. It is central for production of acute phase proteins, among others including(More)
Macrophages are cells with remarkable plasticity. They integrate signals from their microenvironment leading to context-dependent polarization into classically (M1) or alternatively (M2) activated macrophages, representing two extremes of a broad spectrum of divergent phenotypes. Thereby, macrophages deliver protective and pro-regenerative signals towards(More)
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