Christian Ecker

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A recently developed technique, spiral CT, allows rapid data acquisition through an entire anatomic region during a single breath-hold. High-quality spiral CT scans of the thoracic region have been obtained with volumes of contrast material that are small relative to those used with conventional CT. This essay illustrates the diseases of the aorta as seen(More)
Spiral CT (SCT) differs from conventional CT in that the entire heart can be rapidly imaged in the axial plane following the peripheral infusion of small quantities of contrast material. As contrast material travels through coronary artery bypass graft segments, good image detail is achieved, allowing visualization of entire coronary artery graft segments(More)
A four-point ordinal-scale qualitative flow index was used for assessment of patency of 75 coronary artery bypass grafts in 26 patients examined with spiral computed tomography (CT). CT findings were compared with selective graft angiographic findings. Of 54 open grafts, 52 were patent at initial selective graft angiography and 50 were patent at spiral CT;(More)
Computed tomography (CT) is the modality of choice for evaluation of pancreatic disease. In this prospective study, images obtained with spiral CT, which enables examination of a region of the body in a single breath-hold, were compared with those obtained by means of dynamic CT with automatic table incrementation in two groups of 30 patients referred for(More)
The effectiveness of spiral computed tomography (CT) of the thorax performed with 60 mL of 60% contrast material was compared with that of conventional dynamic incremental CT performed with 120 mL of 60% contrast material. Fifty patients in whom contrast material-enhanced thoracic CT examination was necessary were assigned to undergo either spiral CT or(More)
Enzymatic glucosylation of dolichol monophosphate (dolichol-P) from UDP-D-[3H]glucose was studied using the microsomal fraction of BHK-21 cells. The reaction product was separated by preparative thin-layer chromatography, further purified by DEAE-cellulose acetate column chromatography, and characterized as dolichyl-beta-D-glucosyl phosphate (Dol-P-Glc).(More)
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