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In some legal surroundings telepathology is considered a breach of registrational barriers. The recommendation of the G 8 states in Europe for required legislation in telemedicine suggests to recognise that the localization of the remote health care professional defines the site not only of licensure but also of liability. This approach must be considered(More)
This report presents a series of recommendations derived from deliberations of the G8 countries Subproject 4 Group (SP4 Group) of the Global Health Care Applications Project entitled, A Teleconsultation Practice Guideline. The recommendations provide an initial step toward developing a general guideline platform for the practice of(More)
Health telematics involve the processing of data concerning health. The European Directive 95/46/EC constitutes a general prohibition of processing this special category of data. Exemptions to that principle are found in the data subject's consent, vital interests and professional obligation to secrecy. These exemptions, however, do not sufficiently secure(More)
Zunehmend häufiger wird der Anwendungsbereich innovativer Medikamente auf Patienten mit bestimmten genetischen Eigenschaften beschränkt. Die vor einer Therapie mit diesen Arzneimitteln notwendigerweise zu erhebenden genetischen Daten sind personenbezogene Gesundheitsdaten, deren rechtliche Einordnung in diesem Beitrag diskutiert wird.
Confidentiality has been considered to be a basic element of the doctor-patient relationship worldwide since the time of Hippocrates. On the verge of entering a society in which communication plays a leading role, confidentiality alone can no longer protect the patient's rights. Increasing diagnostic activity multiplies the amount of data available for(More)
Reproductive Medicine is subject to a large number of legal regulations. Professional law, public law, civil law and criminal law hold several special regulations in store for this particular area. This article gives a brief overview of the regulations applicable to reproductive medicine. Special problems that demand legislative action are pointed out.