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Enterprise-control system integration between business systems, manufacturing execution systems and shop-floor process-control systems remains a key issue for facilitating the deployment of plant-wide information-control systems for practical e-Business-to-Manufacturing industry-led issues. This achievement of the Integration-in-Manufacturing paradigm based(More)
Existing models focus on specific aspects of distributed automation systems, e.g. communication aspects (IEC 61158) or application aspects (IEC 61131–3). Systems like IEC 61499 are directly dedicated to distributed applications but leave essential details of communication integration open. For the design of distributed automation systems it is(More)
The concept of FB based on newly appearing standard IEC 61499 originates in automation engineering and corresponds to the distributed control structure. A FB represents an abstraction of a software functional unit comprising an individual data structure and associated operations. To support the mature of the FB-related design paradigm in this paper, we(More)
Todays increasing volatility of market demands and customer requirements are forcing industrial enterprises to realize and ensure an increased flexibility of production systems. Since current automation concepts and architectures for production systems do not provide the required flexibility sufficiently, new approaches have to be developed. This paper(More)