Christian Diedrich

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This paper gives an introduction to the essential challenges of software engineering and requirements that software has to fulfill in the domain of automation. Besides, the functional characteristics, specific constraints and circumstances are considered for deriving requirements concerning usability, the technical process, the automation functions, used(More)
One of the most important requirements for the industrial networks, apart from the real-time capability, is the reliability. There are several methods that can be used to increase the communication reliability. One of them is data duplication, which is afterwards transmitted using two different (disjoint) paths. Since, such path search for time triggered(More)
The international standard IEC 61499 defines an event-driven, distributed application based on function blocks. Such a block represents a kind of object with an internal behaviour. The blocks interact via input and output variables with other blocks or with their environment. This article describes an approach for the transformation of the sequential(More)
A variety of fieldbus technologies and digital fieldbus devices have been introduced within the process industries over the last ten years. There has been a gradual acceptance of the fact that a variety of communication technologies are needed to fully address the application requirements of a manufacturing facility. However, engineers responsible for the(More)
Today's highly increasing product diversity and decreasing product life cycles, also in the automotive industry lead to fast changing production systems with a high ratio of mechatronic components and (control) software. That again leads to ever increasing use of Virtual Commissioning during the development process of automated manufacturing plants. Paired(More)
Enterprise-control system integration between business systems, manufacturing execution systems and shop-floor process-control systems remains a key issue for facilitating the deployment of plant-wide information-control systems for practical e-Businessto-Manufacturing industry-led issues. This achievement of the Integration-inManufacturing paradigm based(More)
Existing models focus on specific aspects of distributed automation systems, e.g. communication aspects (IEC 61158) or application aspects (IEC 61131–3). Systems like IEC 61499 are directly dedicated to distributed applications but leave essential details of communication integration open. For the design of distributed automation systems it is(More)
The first, long time scale (16-ns) ligand field molecular dynamics (LFMD) simulations of the oxy form of tyrosinase are reported. The calculations use our existing type 3 copper force field for the peroxido-bridged [Cu2O2]2+ unit which is here translated from MMFF into the AMBER format together with a new charge scheme. The protein secondary and tertiary(More)