Christian Di Biagio

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This report is concerned with enhancing PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine) load balancing in order to increase PVM real time performance in an industrial environment. Based on the experience of the reference company, PVM round robin load balancing is not the correct approach in an heterogeneous industrial environment where different machines have dissimilar(More)
Modern parallel and distributed computing solutions are often built onto a “middleware” software layer providing a higher and common level of service between computational nodes. Harness is an adaptable, plugin-based middleware framework for parallel and distributed computing. This paper reports recent research and development results of using Harness for(More)
Harness is an adaptable and plug-in-based middleware framework able to support distributed parallel computing. By now, it is based on the Ethernet protocol which cannot guarantee high performance throughput and Real Time (determinism) performance.During last years, both the research and industry environments have developed both new network architectures ((More)
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