Christian Derksen

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The goal of the information analysis process is to derive the information grammar which describes the communication language within some application domain. This process involves both domain experts and system analysts. Since good communication between these two partners is essential, a proper common language should be chosen. Natural language seems to be a(More)
The objective of service-oriented computing (SOC) is to construct software applications out of appropriate services available and executing in place anywhere across the Web. To achieve this objective requires that techniques for discovering and engaging services be developed and used across the lifetime of the service-based applications. Succeeding with SOC(More)
—In many countries, future energy supply, management , and consumption change completely compared to today's status. One reason is that sustainable energy production will rely on a large number of small and medium sized, decentralized energy production units. The aim is to replace a small number of large power plants. The energy supply strategy change puts(More)
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