Christian Delvincourt

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OBJECTIVE To describe current management of cutaneous melanoma (CM) and identify factors accounting for disparities. DESIGN Retrospective population-based study using survey of cancer registries and pathology laboratories, and questionnaires to physicians. SETTING Five regions covering 19.2% of the French territory and including 8.2 million inhabitants.(More)
INTRODUCTION The exact incidence of skin cancers is not well established in France as in other european countries, except for cutaneous melanoma. It is the same for the part taken by dermatologists in the screening of skin malignancies. We have therefore planned a prospective study in the Champagne-Ardenne region to determine the incidence of the various(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe circumstances of the diagnosis and access to dermatological care for patients with cutaneous melanoma (CM) and to investigate factors associated with early detection. DESIGN Retrospective population-based study of incident cases of invasive CM in 2004, using questionnaires to physicians and a survey of cancer registries and(More)
INTRODUCTION Although not recommended in France at the consensus conference of 1994, routine monitoring of patients with stage I melanoma using imaging techniques is commonly carried out. The aim of this retrospective regional study was to define methods for diagnosing transition to the metastatic stage of melanoma. PATIENTS AND METHODS This was a(More)
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