Christian Debus

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Parabolic mirrors with a high numerical aperture can be conveniently used to produce highly confined optical fields in the focal region. Furthermore, these fields can have interesting polarization behaviour due to the high numerical aperture. In particular, if the mirror is illuminated with a size matched radially polarized or azimuthally polarized doughnut(More)
A novel high-resolution stage scanning confocal microscope for fluorescence microscopy and spatially resolved spectroscopy with a high numerical aperture (NA 1) parabolic mirror objective is investigated. A spatial resolution close to the diffraction limit is achieved. As microscopic fluorescent test objects, dye-loaded zeolite microcrystals (diameter(More)
We propose a novel method to guide THz radiation with low losses along thin layers of water. This approach is based on the coupling of evanescent surface fields at the opposite sides of the thin water layer surrounded by a dielectric material, which leads to a maximum field amplitude at the interfaces and a reduction of the energy density inside the water(More)
Copper hydroxide acetate (CHA), one layered hydroxide compound with tunable magnetism, attracts great interest because of its potential applications in memory devices. However, ferromagnetism for CHA is only demonstrated by means of GPa pressure. Herein, a new method is reported, involving the combination of different crystallization pathways to control(More)
Biomineralization represents a sophisticated process of forming a highly hierarchically ordered mineral structure by a living organism. The process is carried out under strict biological control of specially designed biomacromolecules. Mineralization mechanisms permitting such sophistication control typically involve interaction between an inorganic mineral(More)
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