Christian D. Newman

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— An initial study of using two measures to improve the accuracy of evolutionary couplings uncovered from version history is presented. Two measures, namely the age of a pattern and the distance among items within a pattern, are defined and used with the traditional methods for computing evolutionary couplings. The goal is to reduce the number of false(More)
An efficient lightweight forward static slicing tool is presented. The tool is implemented on top of srcML, an XML representation of source code. The approach does not compute the full program dependence graph but instead dependency information is computed as needed while computing the slice on a variable. The result is a list of line numbers, dependent(More)
—An approach for using heuristics and static program analysis information to markup part-of-speech for program iden-tifiers is presented. It does not use a natural language part-of-speech tagger for identifiers within the code. A set of heuristics is defined akin to natural language usage of identifiers usage in code. Additionally, method stereotype(More)
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