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A chromosome conformation capture ordered sequence of the barley genome.
Cereal grasses of the Triticeae tribe have been the major food source in temperate regions since the dawn of agriculture. Their large genomes are characterized by a high content of repetitiveExpand
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Systems Analysis of a Maize Leaf Developmental Gradient Redefines the Current C4 Model and Provides Candidates for Regulation[W][OA]
This work reports on a comprehensive systems biology analysis of maize leaves, concluding that C4 photosynthesis is established from sink tissue without an intermediate phase of C3 or C2Expand
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Maize Source Leaf Adaptation to Nitrogen Deficiency Affects Not Only Nitrogen and Carbon Metabolism But Also Control of Phosphate Homeostasis1[W][OA]
Crop plant development is strongly dependent on the availability of nitrogen (N) in the soil and the efficiency of N utilization for biomass production and yield. However, knowledge about molecularExpand
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BARLEX - the Barley Draft Genome Explorer.
Genome browsers visualize the end product of genome assembly, which is a highly contiguous sequence. However, how to visualize the intermediate products of genome sequencing? Next-generationExpand
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MetaCrop 2.0: managing and exploring information about crop plant metabolism
MetaCrop is a manually curated repository of high-quality data about plant metabolism, providing different levels of detail from overview maps of primary metabolism to kinetic data of enzymes. ItExpand
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Construction of a map-based reference genome sequence for barley, Hordeum vulgare L.
Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) is a cereal grass mainly used as animal fodder and raw material for the malting industry. The map-based reference genome sequence of barley cv. ‘Morex’ was constructed byExpand
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e!DAL - a framework to store, share and publish research data
BackgroundThe life-science community faces a major challenge in handling “big data”, highlighting the need for high quality infrastructures capable of sharing and publishing research data. DataExpand
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Species-wide genome sequence and nucleotide polymorphisms from the model allopolyploid plant Brassica napus
Brassica napus (oilseed rape, canola) is one of the world’s most important sources of vegetable oil for human nutrition and biofuel, and also a model species for studies investigating theExpand
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Adaptation of maize source leaf metabolism to stress related disturbances in carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus balance
BackgroundAbiotic stress causes disturbances in the cellular homeostasis. Re-adjustment of balance in carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus metabolism therefore plays a central role in stress adaptation.Expand
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OPTIMAS-DW: A comprehensive transcriptomics, metabolomics, ionomics, proteomics and phenomics data resource for maize
BackgroundMaize is a major crop plant, grown for human and animal nutrition, as well as a renewable resource for bioenergy. When looking at the problems of limited fossil fuels, the growth of theExpand
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