Christian Colin

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PURPOSE Cisplatin is a chemotherapeutic agent not used routinely for breast cancer treatment. As a DNA cross-linking agent, cisplatin may be effective treatment for hereditary BRCA1-mutated breast cancers. Because sporadic triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) and BRCA1-associated breast cancer share features suggesting common pathogenesis, we conducted a(More)
Whereas genome sequencing defines the genetic potential of an organism, transcript sequencing defines the utilization of this potential and links the genome with most areas of biology. To exploit the information within the human genome in the fight against cancer, we have deposited some two million expressed sequence tags (ESTs) from human tumors and their(More)
Diffuse infiltrating gliomas are the most common tumors of the central nervous system (CNS), naturally progressing from a lower-grade to a higher-grade malignancy. Several genetic alterations have been correlated with astrocytic tumors; however, a number of as yet unknown genes may also be involved. Therefore, we set out to search for genes that are(More)
Pheochromocytomas are catecholamine-secreting tumors that result from mutations of at least six different genes as components of distinct autosomal dominant disorders. However, there remain familial occurrences of pheochromocytoma without a known genetic defect. We describe here a familial pheochromocytoma syndrome consistent with digenic inheritance(More)
A detailed genome mapping analysis of 213,636 expressed sequence tags (EST) derived from nontumor and tumor tissues of the oral cavity, larynx, pharynx, and thyroid was done. Transcripts matching known human genes were identified; potential new splice variants were flagged and subjected to manual curation, pointing to 788 putatively new alternative splicing(More)
Dicer is central to the RNA interference (RNAi) pathway, because it is required for processing of double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) precursors into small RNA effector molecules. In principle, any long dsRNA could serve as a substrate for Dicer. The X inactive specific transcript (Xist) is an untranslated RNA that is required for dosage compensation in mammals. It(More)
Strategies to differentiate progenitor cells into beta cells in vitro have been considered as an alternative to increase beta cell availability prior to transplantation. It has recently been suggested that nestin-positive cells could be multipotential stem cells capable of expressing endocrine markers upon specific stimulation; however, this issue still(More)
Pancreatic amyloid plaques formed by the pancreatic islet amyloid polypeptide (IAPP) are present in more than 95% of type II diabetes mellitus patients, and their abundance correlates with the severity of the disease. IAPP is currently considered the most amyloidogenic peptide known, but the molecular bases of its aggregation are still incompletely(More)
The ADAMs comprises a family of cell surface proteins with putative roles in cell-cell and/or cell-matrix interactions and in protease activities. In this work, we have examined the expression level and the methylation status of the 5' upstream region of the adhesion molecule ADAM23 in two brain tumor cell lines (A172 and T98G) as well as in three primary(More)
This paper presents the point of view of a designer about declarative modelers. First, we propose a model of this point of view. Our approach is based on the work we have done to develop some of our declarative modelers. It takes into account the main functions used by a designer in these modelers. Then, we explain also the scenebuilding process and we(More)