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BACKGROUND Satisfaction is considered a valuable measure of outcome of healthcare processes. Only a few anesthesia-related validated questionnaires are reported. Because their scope is restricted to specific clinical contexts, their use remains limited. The objective of the current study was to develop and validate a self-reported questionnaire, Evaluation(More)
A 19-year-old man with multiple-system injuries including a serious head injury and two poorly tolerated traumatic ventricular septal defects, was admitted to our hospital. Transcatheter closure of the cardiac defects was attempted instead of surgical repair because the required anticoagulation for cardiopulmonary bypass could precipitate intracranial(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop and to validate a scale assessing perioperative patient's satisfaction with anaesthesia (Evan). STUDY DESIGN Descriptive and evaluative study. PATIENTS The study included 742 adults undergoing a surgical or a diagnostic procedure under general anaesthesia. Emergency, ambulatory and obstetrical cases were excluded. METHODS A(More)
EVALUATING PATIENT SATISFACTION: In France, patient satisfaction is a criteria for health care facility accreditation. In this context, the anesthesia community has studied tools available for assessing satisfaction with anesthesia. LIMITATIONS OF AVAILABLE INSTRUMENTS: The construction of a satisfaction assessment instrument can be divided into three(More)
In order to determine the impact of intraoperative autotransfusion on vascular surgical care, data related to 200 abdominal aortic surgical operations performed over a 20 months period were prospectively analysed. Volumes of blood salvaged and transfused during and after each operation were considered. One hundred and twenty one patients had an(More)
The pulmonary venous admixture, PaO2, and pulmonary and systemic haemodynamics were studied in six mongrel dogs during infusion of dobutamine (infusion rate 7.5 micrograms . kg-1 . min-1), dopamine (7.5 micrograms . kg-1 . min-1) and isoproterenol (0.1 microgram . kg-1 . min-1). Anaesthesia was performed by a single injection of Fentanyl (0.35 mg/kg). The(More)
Branched chain amino acid enriched solutions have been proposed in several situations. The fate of the nitrogen contained in those amino acids, particularly the immediate urinary excretion, has not been established yet. In the present study, the rates of urea and total urinary nitrogen loss from 15N leucine were measured in a patient receiving a branched(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyse current data on use of neuromuscular blocking agents (NBA) in the intensive therapy unit (ITU) patients and to propose practice guidelines. DATA SOURCES We did a Medline search of French and English language articles on NBA administration in ITU patients from 1960 to 1998. Data were also selected from our own collection of articles(More)
A protocol of repeated I. V. injections of flunitrazepam was constructed by mathematical simulation on the basis of pharmacokinetic data obtained from single intravenous injections given to healthy subjects. This protocol would given serum blood levels equal to 15 ng . ml-1, rapidly and compatible with long term artificial ventilation, thanks to the(More)
Although the importance of continuing medical education (CME) is a recognized fact, its modalities are still a controversial matter. In order to obtain informations on the demands and the difficulties to which French anaesthetist (AN) are faced with, the Committee for Education of the French Society of Anaesthesia (SFAR) carried out an inquiry with a(More)