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Despite their pronounced importance for oxide-based photochemistry, optoelectronics and photovoltaics, only fairly little is known about the polaron lifetimes and binding energies. Polarons represent a crucial intermediate step populated immediately after dissociation of the excitons formed in the primary photoabsorption process. Here we present a novel(More)
We derive and implement the strain derivatives of the total energy of solids, i.e., the analytic stress tensor components, in an all-electron, numeric atom-centered orbital based density-functional formalism. We account for contributions that arise in the semilocal approximation (LDA/GGA) as well as in the generalized Kohn-Sham case, in which a fraction of(More)
A real-space formalism for density-functional perturbation theory (DFPT) is derived and applied for the computation of harmonic vibrational properties in molecules and solids. The practical implementation using numeric atom-centered orbitals as basis functions is demonstrated exemplarily for the allelectron Fritz Haber Institute ab initiomolecular(More)
The formation of framework vacancies in Si- and Ge-based type-I clathrates is studied using density-functional theory as a function of filling the cages with K and Ba atoms. Our analysis reveals the relevance of structural disorder, geometric relaxation, and electronic saturation as well as vibrational and configurational entropy. In the Si clathrates, we(More)
We herein present a first-principles formulation of the Green-Kubo method that allows the accurate assessment of the phonon thermal conductivity of solid semiconductors and insulators in equilibrium ab initio molecular dynamics calculations. Using the virial for the nuclei, we propose a unique ab initio definition of the heat flux. Accurate size and time(More)
We perform mixed quantum-classical molecular dynamics simulations based on first-principles potential-energy surfaces to demonstrate that the scattering of a beam of singlet O2 molecules at Al(111) will enable an unambiguous assessment of the role of spin-selection rules for the adsorption dynamics. At thermal energies we predict a sticking probability that(More)
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