Christian C Hall

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With the changing demographics occurring in the United States, psychology must make substantive revisions in its curriculum, training, research, and practice. Without these revisions, psychology will risk professional, ethical, and economic problems because psychology will no longer be a viable professional resource to the majority of the U.S. population.(More)
Opening-wedge high tibial osteotomy (HTO) is used to treat isolated medial knee joint arthritis. A benefit of using allograft instead of autograft is avoiding a second surgical site, thereby decreasing operative time, blood loss, and pain. Our study objective was to evaluate allograft vs autograft in the failure and complication rates of HTO using the same(More)
Psychology, along with the majority of professions and scientific disciplines, has undergone dramatic shifts in gender composition over the past two decades. These changes have prompted concern that this increased participation by women may lead to erosion in the status of these occupations. This article describes the results of a case study of psychology(More)
C. C. Hall,1 E. M. Lunderberg,1 P. A. DeYoung,1,* T. Baumann,2 D. Bazin,2 G. Blanchon,3 A. Bonaccorso,4 B. A. Brown,2,5 J. Brown,6 G. Christian,2,5 D. H. Denby,1 J. Finck,7 N. Frank,2,5,† A. Gade,2,5 J. Hinnefeld,8 C. R. Hoffman,9,10 B. Luther,11 S. Mosby,2,5 W. A. Peters,2,5,‡ A. Spyrou,2,5 and M. Thoennessen2,5 1Department of Physics, Hope College,(More)
The criteria for beauty in the United States are primarily based on Caucasian European American, middle-class standards. African American women tend to vary greatly from these criteria. Though very few studies have been conducted on the body image of Black women in the United States, historically, the physical images portrayed of African American women in(More)
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