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Kinetic lattice Monte Carlo simulation of viscoelastic subdiffusion.
We propose a kinetic Monte Carlo method for the simulation of subdiffusive random walks on a cartesian lattice. The random walkers are subject to viscoelastic forces which we compute from theirExpand
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Chromosome dynamics, molecular crowding, and diffusion in the interphase cell nucleus: a Monte Carlo lattice simulation study
Using Monte Carlo simulations, we have investigated the decondensation of chromosomes during interphase and the diffusive transport of spherical probe particles in the chromatin network. TheExpand
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Anomalous diffusion in the interphase cell nucleus: the effect of spatial correlations of chromatin.
The metabolism of a living cell requires a permanent transfer of molecules throughout the cell and beyond its bounds. Within cell nuclei, molecules are predominantly driven by diffusion, which isExpand
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Diffusion Processes in the Interphase Cell Nucleus - Connections between Chromatin Structure, Chromatin Dynamics and Macromolecular Transport
The metabolism of a living cell requires a permanent transport of various macromolecules. In the cell nucleus, this transport is accomplished by diffusion and takes place in a dense network ofExpand
A generalization of the bond fluctuation model to viscoelastic environments.
A lattice-based simulation method for polymer diffusion in a viscoelastic medium is presented. This method combines the eight-site bond fluctuation model with an algorithm for the simulation ofExpand
A method for producing a Arcerkennungssignals and Arcerkennungsanordnung
A method for generating an arc detection signal based on a plurality of observation signals comprises the steps of: a. Generating in each case one arc detection signal part for at least twoExpand
Method and apparatus for the protection of devices connected to a high frequency generator passive components
Ein Verfahren zum Schutz von an einen Hochfrequenzgenerator (11, 11.1, 51, 52) angeschlossenen passiven Komponenten (14, 53, 54) umfasst die Verfahrensschritte: a. Erzeugen einer HochfrequenzleistungExpand
Kontrollvorrichtung, Energieversorgungssystem und Verfahren
Kontrollvorrichtung (16; 58; 110) zum gemeinsamen Uberwachen mehrerer Plasmaenergieversorgungseinrichtungen (12, 14; 52, 54, 56; 130a–130d), insbesondere zumindest zweier HF-Generatoren, eines oderExpand
90 ° hybrid for splitting or merging of high-frequency power
Ein 90° Hybrid dient zum Zusammenschalten von zwei Hochfrequenzverstarkern (9, 10). Es ist als Viertor mit vier Toranschlussen aufgebaut und bildet einen 90° Hybrid. Er weist Kapazitaten (5, 6) undExpand