Christian C. Carter

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Improvements in metabolite-profiling techniques are providing increased breadth of coverage of the human metabolome and may highlight biomarkers and pathways in common diseases such as diabetes. Using a metabolomics platform that analyzes intermediary organic acids, purines, pyrimidines, and other compounds, we performed a nested case-control study of 188(More)
Excessive reverse-mode (RM) sodium/calcium exchanger 1.1 (NCX1.1) activity, resulting from intracellular sodium accumulation caused by reduced Na+/K+-ATPase activity, increased Na-H exchanger 1 activity. The induction of the voltage-gated sodium channel late current component (late INa), is a major pathway for intracellular calcium (Ca2+i) loading in(More)
To date, there has been no systematic study of the process of affinity maturation of human antibodies. We therefore sequenced the variable region genes (V genes) of 14 human monoclonal antibodies specific for the erythrocyte Rh(D) alloantigen and determined the germline gene segments of origin and extent of somatic hypermutation. These data were correlated(More)
Socioeconomic status explains many ethnic disparities in health; however, mechanisms are hard to identify. Fatigue-a frequent complaint in patients and normals-is associated with poorer quality of life. We wondered if ethnicity and social class interact to explain fatigue. A total of 40 African Americans (AAs) and 64 Caucasian Americans (CAs) completed(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the effects of a behavioral medicine intervention, relative to an attention control, in preventing chronic pain and disability in patients with first-onset, subacute low back pain (LBP) with limitations in work-role function. DESIGN A 2-group, experimental design with randomization to behavioral medicine or attention control groups.(More)
Pancreatic β-cell ATP-sensitive K(+) (K(ATP)) channels are composed of Kir6.2 and SUR1 subunits encoded by the KCNJ11 and ABCC8 genes, respectively. Although rare monogenic activating mutations in these genes cause overt neonatal diabetes, the common variants E23K (KCNJ11) and S1369A (ABCC8) form a tightly heritable haplotype that is associated with an(More)
SYN-004 (ribaxamase) is a β-lactamase designed to be orally administered concurrently with intravenous β-lactam antibiotics, including most penicillins and cephalosporins. Ribaxamase's anticipated mechanism of action is to degrade excess β-lactam antibiotic that is excreted into the small intestine. This enzymatic inactivation of excreted antibiotic is(More)