Christian Bull

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BACKGROUND Hereditary angioedema is characterized by recurrent attacks of angioedema of the skin, larynx, and gastrointestinal tract. Bradykinin is the key mediator of symptoms. Icatibant is a selective bradykinin B2 receptor antagonist. METHODS In two double-blind, randomized, multicenter trials, we evaluated the effect of icatibant in patients with(More)
This paper discusses the Norwegian experiences in piloting a verifiable, remote voting system in a legally binding, public election. First, we provide a highlevel description of the system used. We then go into detail about the major challenges that were encountered in the implementation and execution of the system. In particular, the generation and(More)
Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis is a fibrosing disorder associated with exposure to gadolinium-based contrast agents in people with severely compromised renal function. The purpose of this study was to determine the reported number of cases of nephrogenic systemic fibrosis in children using three distinct publicly available data sources. We conducted(More)
KIT aberrations predict the outcome of targeted therapies in acrolentiginous (ALM) and mucosal (MM) melanoma patients. KIT immunoreactivity and mutation status was assessed in 41 ALM and 25 MM patients. Of these, 19 ALM and 15 MM patients had matched primary and metastatic lesions. P-ERK was investigated in a subset of 9 ALM and 7 MM matched(More)
BACKGROUND Atypical fibroxanthoma (AFX) is a locally destructive, dermal-based, fibrohistiocytic, mesenchymal tumor. Immunohistochemistry helps to differentiate AFX from squamous cell carcinoma and spindle cell melanoma. Immunomarkers against p75 yield positive stains in spindled cell melanomas and negative stains in AFX, suggesting that these may be useful(More)