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German emergency medical services (EMS) face the challenge of ensuring high-quality emergency care against a background of continuously increasing numbers of emergency missions, resource shortages concomitant with greatly increased arrival times, particularly in rural areas. Because German EMS physicians are at maximum capacity, an immediate response is not(More)
Technikfolgenabschätzung – Theorie und Praxis 20. Jg., Heft 3, Dezember 2011 Seite 55 US GAO ‒ United States Government Accountability Office, 2011: Electricity Grid Modernization: Progress Being Made on Cybersecurity Guidelines, but Key Challenges Remain to be Addressed. Washington, DC: GAO-11-117 van der Vleuten, E.; Lagendijk, V., 2010: Interpreting(More)
Seite 112 Technikfolgenabschätzung – Theorie und Praxis Nr. 1, 16. Jg., März 2007 in ways that are not possible for us to control because this basic human capacity operates at a tacit level. For example, it may be harmful to subject a very young child or baby to an interactive technology that impinges on their development of social interaction with others.(More)
Within the ramp-up phase of highly automated assembly systems, the planning effort forms a large part of production costs. Due to shortening product lifecycles, changing customer demands, and therefore an increasing number of ramp-up processes, these costs even rise. So assembly systems should reduce these efforts and simultaneously be flexible for quick(More)
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